We did an extensive research about pattern combinations, and compiled the best tips and tricks just for you. In this video we will explain how you can go from a weak, incoherent pattern collection to a strong, coherent collection, where all patterns complement each other and work beautifully together.

Patterns don't live in isolation. They are often part of collections, where all patterns work together as a whole, playing different roles. We will explain how you can create well-rounded collections with patterns that neatly fit together. You may also find these tips useful in many real-life scenarios: From your outfit to the patterns of your pillows, walls, bed or sofa. Patterns can make or break each other. The tips in this video will get you on your way to making the right decisions when combining patterns. 

At the end of the video, you’ll know how to beautifully match colors, you’ll know the difference between hero, secondary and blender patterns, and you know tons of tricks for designing collections in Repper. So make sure to check out the video, and happy patterning!

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