We were planning to purchase the 5 most beautiful products. However, since we had so many great submissions, it was impossible to choose so we decided to purchase our 12 most favorite products!

On upcoming video, Wouter and alexander, the founders of Repper, are doing the unboxing of these wonderful creations. We hope this video will give you a lot of inspiration on the type of products you could create using Repper! The video will go live on tuesday 12 september 2023. Make sure not to miss it:

Here is a list the links to all the products in the video:
#1: Wine cooler
#2: Apron
#3: Leggings
#4 Socks
#5: Rug
#6: Cat mug
#7: Backpack
#8: Penrose pillow
#9: Comic / African pillow
#10: Metamorphosis mug
#11: Fanny bag (no longer in shop)
#12: Clock (select the right round variant with the black border)

We hope this content gives you tons of inspiration, and have an amazing day!

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