We are delighted to unveil the latest addition to our growing collection of intricate and captivating tilings: the Persian Star. You can see this YouTube video or continue reading to consume this content as a blog post.

This new tiling, inspired by the mesmerizing mosaic patterns found in Islamic art, offers a visually stunning experience.

Drawing its inspiration from the rich tradition of Islamic art, the Persian Star tiling is a remarkable fusion of geometry, symmetry, and beauty. Known scientifically as the Truncated Trihexagon, this intricate pattern embodies the essence of Islamic design. However, in our user-friendly environment, we decided to use a simpler name that resonates with our audience.

Have fun exploring this beautiful tiling! We are curious to see your creations on our new forum: https://forum.repper.app/

Happy patterning and we wish you an amazing day!

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