What's better than 2 dimensions? 3 dimensions!
If you can't wait to see it, here's our quick intro:

Realistic renders as part of the process

With this latest update to Repper, you can now place your patterns on various products, including a dress, scarf and notebook. This is not a post-production step after you've designed your pattern; it works as an integrated part of the process. With a single click, you can switch any time between previewing you pattern on a flat surface or a product. You can even live edit the pattern while viewing in 3D!

The 3D preview is also great for showcasing your designs on social media

See your patterns come to life

We've been testing the 3D preview for a while now and it has been a game-changer. It has helped us see our designs in a new light (quite literally) and get better at judging which patterns will work well in real life.

Use it to showcase your work

Good Photoshop templates cost money and give you just one composition. Next time you want to make a promotional image, export the 3D preview from Repper and place them on your own background.

Here are two examples I made in Photoshop, based on exports from Repper:

How it works

Curious to try it yourself? Learn more in the video below or check out the detailed Help Centre article.

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